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It's Rehab Illinois or Nothing ...
Nothing but good things to say about this place. As far as rehab centers go, they exceeded my expectations above and beyond what I could have imagined. I have been clean for the longest period of my adult life because of the amazing staff of Rehab Illinois.
, Illinois Nov 15, 2011

CommendableTreatment Facility at Rehab Illinois
The staff and counselors expertly handled each case of addiction in the facility. This place really gave me a new shot at life. My life totally changed for the better after my treatment here at Rehab Illinois.
, Illinois Sep 21, 2011

Rehab Ilinois is Certified Treatment Center
I was not the only person who was there in Rehab Illinois with me. You help a lot of people to get rid of their worries and addiction. The way you work is great. I am not a person who is easy to deal with, but you are so patient.Thank you guys!!
, Illinois Oct 6, 2011

Rehab Illinois the Top-Notch that Rocks!!!
The Rehab Illinois ROCKS!!! Been clean and sober now for 8 months and I took your suggestions and you were right, my life beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Rehab for letting me know that there is a way out. I have never felt so happy before. Thank you for introducing me to life again!
, Illinois Mar 14, 2011

Many Thanks to Wonderful Staff of Rehab Illinois
I had a big problem and trying to get rid of this crippling addiction. I heard about you guys and then I checked in Rehab Illinois. Unbelievably helpful staff in your facility. Now recovered. Thanks!
, Illinois Nov 20, 2011

Rehab Illinois is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.